About me

Born and raised in Mexico, I was drawing and modelling on clay at a very early age. Later on I got an scholarship from the University of Oregon, to study fine arts. I specialized in Visual Design and Photography. I obtained a BFA from that University in 1991 and then proceeded to get both a BA and an MA in Art History at the same university). By early 1995 I was working as a graphic designer in Mexico. I worked for four years on a public service tv station in Mexico City.

I came to Europe late in 1999 and traveled around for 6 months then I went back home and started my to do freelance projects.
I finally moved to Europe for good in 2002. Since then, I thad lived and worked in several countries (Spain, France, Cape Verde, Portugal). I currently live and paint in France, where I am working as freelance designer and illustrator. 
one of my daily companions